How to accessorize your body with innovative body jewelry

What is Body piercing?

Body piercing is a kind of body modification that is considered as the most important ritual in many tribal communities. It is generally the procedure of puncturing and cutting the part of a human body and making way for wearing jewelry. Today, it is getting increasing popularity in the western countries as the people want to create their distinct identity and want to look different from the crowd. Body piercing is also a vital art that is getting widely acceptance across the world. Also, with the increasing popularity of this form of body modification, numerous piercing shops are inaugurated in order to fulfil the increasing demands.

There are many reasons behind using piercing jewelry for the body. One of such reason is the increasing popularity and fashion of this body art. As people like this form of modification they are willing to try it. The next reason is that it is compulsory in many tribal communities to pierce their body in order to be the part of this community. So it is compulsory in several communities to cut the body part in order to become the part of the community. While some of the people are piercing their body in order to achieve spiritual level of satisfaction. Piercing the body with innovative body jewelry is one of the most important religious forms in several religions.

Body piercing is also having different types based on the part of the human body that is pierced. Here we are describing some important forms of piecing the body.

Types of Piercing Jewelry

Ear piercing: it is considered as the most common form of body modification.  99% of the world’s women have to do this type of modification. In some of the countries like India, Thailand etc, ear piercing is very compulsory for every woman only because of their feminie identification. Also piercing increases the natural and overall beauty of any woman.

Nose piercing: in some communities and religion, nose piercing is compulsory as a part of human modification. Just like ear, nose can be pierced in order to get additional beauty to the face. While some of the women want to accessorize themselves just by modifying their nose.

Naval piercing: it is considered as an extra ordinary form of body modification. Originated in the ancient Egyptian civilization, it has gained a huge popularity in the western world.

Lips and tongue piercing: it was also the main body modification in ancient American tribes. Originated in Africa, lips and tongue piercing is only done to stretch the lower lips in order to look beautiful. Nowadays, this type of body modification is widely accepted by thousands of people across the different nations.