FAQS – Davians Tattoo and Piercing

Tattoo FAQ

Question: Does it hurt?
Answer: Yes, everything we do hurts.

Question: Do some places hurt more than others?
Answer: Yes, areas like the chest, belly, ribcage will hurt more than say an arm or calf piece. It also depends on the person and their perception of pain
Question: What do we charge for Tattoos?
Answer: We all quote by piece, not by hour, unless it is unusually big, like sleeve or back piece work. We still do session quotes, not hourly quotes.

Question: How long should a Tattoo last?
Answer: Color will always fade over time. The less sunlight exposure, the longer the Tattoo will look good. Black and grey tattoos will just blur over time, again depending on sunlight exposure. A standard color tattoo will last 15 to 20 years with normal sunlight exposure, and 20 to 30 years with low sunlight exposure.

Question: How long does a Tattoo take to heal?
Answer: A Tattoo can take 14 to 21 days to finish peeling and 21 to 35 days for skin to return to normal.

Question: Are there some areas on the body you shouldn’t get Tattooed?
Answer: Yes, areas such as the palm of the hand, between the fingers, soles of your feet and toes do not Tattoo very well. The inside of the ear will age very poorly. The inside of the lower lip can be Tattooed but the outcome can be very unpredictable.

Question: Do we fix or finish other tattoo artists' work?
Answer: Yes we fix almost anything within reason, but we may suggest Laser lightening or removal to make the process easier. We may also suggest a complete redo to get an even look when the Tattoo is finished.

Question: Should I prep or shave the area I want Tattooed or Pierced before I come in?
Answer: No, please leave this to your Artist. If you damage your skin in any way, by law, we cannot Tattoo or Pierce the area.

Question: What if I’m sunburned?
Answer: If your skin is sunburned at all we will not Tattoo you.

Question: Do the tattoo artists at Davians give advice on tattoo equipment?
Answer: No, we simply sell the equipment. We will not provide advice regarding use or technique.

Question: Do the tattoo artists at Davians apprentice people?
Answer: No.

Piercing FAQ

Question: How do you pierce (with a punch gun or hollow needle?)
Answer: We use only hollow needle, and gauges between 18 to 4 gauge is available.

Question: Do we use all sterile equipment?
Answer: Yes! everything we use is sterile or one time use only. Including jewelry.

Question: Can we fix a messed up piercing?
Answer: Yes, but only after the jewelry has been removed and the area is completely healed.

Question: Can we repierce the same spot?
Answer: Yes, But scar tissue will make it hurt just a little more, each time you repierce the same area the tissue gets worse, so it will hurt a little more each time it is redone

Question: Can we bring in our own jewelry?
Answer: No, we only use our own sterile jewelry. No exceptions.

Question: Can we pierce with glass or plastic jewelry?
Answer: We can pierce with glass only, no plastic. And the glass must stay in place for the entire healing period. And plastic can breed bacteria so we do not use it.

Question: If I get a dermal implant piercing do I need surgery to remove it?
Answer: No, we can remove it here in the shop.