About Melinda

Melinda Kendle was born in Seattle, Washington in 1980. She is the 3rd generation of artist in her family, from a long line of painters and crafts. She began drawing at the age of 2 years old. Her parents had unwittingly exposed her to horror movies when she was 7 years old, sparking a love for the scary and magical creatures that filled her imagination which strongly influenced her art. Discovering artist like Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, H.R. Giger and Frank Frazetta.

Melinda started competing in tattoo conventions in 2005 and got into a spot in some of the larger Tattoo publication, like ” Savage ” and “Tattoo” Magazines. The most prized being the “Black and Grey” Large category where she was up against 100 other artist and took 1 place in 2012. She has been at Davian’s Tattoo shop for 9 years and still going strong. She specializes in Fantasy, and Realism with a flare for anything imagination based. Color or Black and Grey generally a well rounded artist who can handle almost anything a client brings her with confidence.

When she is not until shop tattooing, she enjoys riding Motorcycles and customizing them, as well as going Camping, Hiking and Fishing in the mountains.

Contact by:
Facebook or call 303-457-9191
Appointments Available:
Tuesday – Saturday, 12pm – 9pm

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