The Heart of Tattooing

Altering your body is an art, some make tattoos for fun and some of them get inked as a passion. You might have seen some people who love to get inked – this is because they want to adorn every part of their body. According to many of them, every tattoo has a meaning and a story behind it. When it comes to selection, selecting the right spot for the tattoo is not tough for someone who love tattoos. From the place it has been placed to the way it has been implemented, there’s a story! When we talk about the body we all know that our body says a lot about us and so do the tattoos on it. Here, we are breaking down the significance of each one of them – let’s see what your tattoo says about you.

  • Ribcage

Becoming more popular these days, the tattoo on the ribcage is one of the most well-known tattoo areas. Not everyone goes for it, but the ones who can overcome their fears often choose this one. If a person chooses to get inked on their ribs, it shows that they’re highly confident about their body and can face anything in life. The area of the ribcage is bigger in size and the tattoos inked on this area are often larger in size and more intricate – it also depicts the depth of the person bearing it.

  • Fingers

Another common spot for tattoos is on the fingers. In the past recent years, you might have noticed more and more people with tattoos on their fingers. Finger tattoos are very alluring because they are not that big yet can look very attractive. Finger tattoos are often worn by the hardened tattoo artists. Finger tattoos depict a very specific personality. Usually the finger tattoos speak more about the life events of a person or the concepts with which one is most connected.

  • Calves

Calf tattoos are much more common among men than women, usually women don’t go for calf tattoos as they want to keep everything simple and easy. Calf tattoos can sometimes be tough to understand as it depicts a lot about the personality of a person, but again these tattoos tend to be worn on more men than women. Calf tattoos are often used by people who play sports, usually because they want to follow the trend of being a rebel. Calf tattoos are like ribcage tatts in that they are larger ones that tend to tell a deeper story. People that want to communicate a deep message to everyone often opt for these tattoos.

  • Feet & Ankles

Around the globe, folks love to show off their tattoos, but those with tattoos on their ankles tend to be more shy and discreet about their tattooing. They love to keep everything to themselves only, and the same applies to their tattoos – if they don’t want you to see their tattoos then you won’t. People with tattoos on their ankle and feet tend to be very mysterious and that is reflected in their tattoos. To them simplicity matters more than anything.