So you just got a tattoo and hopefully, it is just what you wanted and looks awesome. After getting inked at the tattoo studio, its aftercare is by far the most vital portion of the process. Taking care of a fresh tattoo can be a stressful experience. Post- tattoo care should not be taken lightly. You need to know how to take care of tattoos in the best possible manner.

This guide will walk you through all the stages of your tattoo expedition and tell you what to do in order to keep your tattoo looking flawless.

Why Tattoo Aftercare is important?

Caring for your new tattoo is your responsibility from the moment you get out of the tattoo studio. It is important to treat your new tattoo with routine care so that it keeps looking crisp, sharp and fresh. When you initially get a tattoo, your skin is essentially a big raw wound susceptible to all sorts of nasty germs and bacteria.


Step Wise Aftercare Instructions –

  1. The Initial Bandage

Once your tattoo is inked, the artist will apply a thin layer of moisturizer or tattoo jelly over the entire tattooed area. They will then wrap the area with a plastic wrap or a bandage. This covering protects the skin from bacteria, sunlight and from rubbing against clothing.


The Process of washing a Fresh Tattoo –

  • Carefully remove the bandage or plastic wrap.
  • Use allergy free soap and warm water to generate an abundant amount of lather in your palm.
  • Gently clean the tattoo with the soap lather using a circular motion until all ointment and residual blood is removed.
  • Rinse the tattoo and wash gently
  • A clean paper towel may be used to dab the tattoo dry.
  • Only use clean hands to wash your tattoo.


  1. Week One
  • For a couple of weeks, the tattooed skin may feel warm to touch and have a reddish appearance.
  • The tattoo will become less vibrant as it starts healing.
  • You can continue with the washing technique for the first week.
  • The redness and mild swelling usually goes away in the first week.


  1. Week Two
  • Washing and moisturizing should be continued through the first couple of weeks.
  • The skin will feel very itchy the first few days but remember not to scratch it. Applying moisturizer will provide relief.


  1. Week Three
  • As the healing process continues, the larger scabs will fall away leaving small scabs and death skin to appear.
  • Applying moisturizer and protecting the skin from the sun will help you in the healing process.
  • Continue applying moisturizer to keep the tattoo bright and clear.
  • After the tattoo has healed, apply sunscreen every time you step out in the sun, at least for the first few months.



The Dont’s of tattoo aftercare –

  • Avoid soap or moisturizer that contains harsh chemicals or fragrance.
  • Do not scratch the tattooed area.
  • Do not apply sunscreen on the tattoo until it has healed completely.
  • Do not pick at scabs as this can cause scar tissue to form.
  • Avoid alcohol during the first 48 hours.