Tattoos hold special meaning to most individuals, whether they’re admirers or consider their body to be a canvas. Much like pictures, tattoos symbolize the depth and passion that one feels about a particular person, place, or thing. Once you’ve decided to make a permanent memory, it becomes a part of you, body and soul. Some ink-lovers gravitate toward simplicity and choose traditional designs. Others prefer to design their own. When you’re looking to design your own work of art, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with choice, color, and other elements that make up your perfect tattoo. Here are a few tips to help guide you to your perfect, unique tattoo that you’ll be proud to show off.

Fake It

Suppose you’ve found your one-of-a-kind tattoo but aren’t quite ready to make it permanent. No problem because you can carry out a test run before you dive in completely. With temporary tattoo inkjet paper, you can print your custom design right from a printer. Just as you would with those cut-out temporary tattoos, you’ll print and cut, apply with water, and see the product before you buy.


Tattoo Software

It’s 2018 and this means that you can find almost any technological advancement to allow for a smoother process for whatever you do. This goes for, you guess it, custom tattoo design! These easy-to-use programs work just like any photo editing software program and can transform any design into something artiststic and innovative. When you feel that you haven’t found the exact custom tattoo in Thornton, take a break and try out the many available software programs.


Research & Take your Time

Above anything else, research your options, the (physical) location, and the artist themselves. It’s crucial to choose an artist who knows the art of a subtle tattoo yet isn’t afraid of recommending to go bold and unique. This is your design and your decision. You have to be happy with what you have chosen before the ink gets close to your skin. Make a list of your favorite, most treasured things, from influential people to specific coordinates of a memorable place.

Colors or Black & White

Many people choose solid black and white because it’s easy to camouflage (if necessary). The depth and bold statements of black and white compliment certain types of tattoos such a tribal or perhaps a family name. Colored tattoos offer an array of beautifully wild shades. They also require some touching up every now and then. Whatever you choose, try to pick colors that compliment your design.

When you’re ready to bring your design to life, trust the expert tattoo shop in Thornton. We can help with your decision by guiding you in the right direction, and even customize your special inked memory. Contact us today and browse our custom designs!