Celebrity with tattoos and black dress posing on red carpet

Our rich and famous super stars hot the red carpet donning the latest designer wear. Tattoos are becoming quite the trend among the Hollywood scene. From Angelina Jolie’s adorned children to Selena Gomez’ Semi-colon tribute to mental health, even the most slapstick celebrity has a soft, sentimental side. These celebrity tattoos may be the inspiration for your next tattoo. Perhaps the local body art Thorton specialist can tug at your heart strings.



Selena Gomez serves as an executive producer on the hit Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. Her and co-stars Tommy Dorfman and Alisha Boe paid special tribute to the book and the movement in which it stands for. The Semicolon represents mental health and suicide prevention, a subject very near and dear to many. Suicide rates are higher among young adults than older individuals.

Norman the Pooch

Jennifer Aniston fashions a tattoo on her right foot, paying tribute to her dog, ‘Norman’. In 2011, the Friends star said goodbye to her beloved pup and vowed to remember him by something meaningful and permanent.

Black Bird in Flight

It seems everywhere we look, someone we know and love dearly has cancer. And even our beloved Hollywood beauties have a heartwarming story of their own. Emma Stone’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, and lucky for her, she triumphed. Knowing her mother’s favorite song was a Paul McCartney hit, Black Bird, she happily celebrated the triumph with a tattoo. Paul McCartney himself designed two black bird feet as a tattoo.

Kellys Buzz

Some of us have a special someone that we look up to whether from our youth or a specific moment in life. They become mentors of inspiration and contribute to our growth. Joan Rivers was this person to Kelly Osbourne. So much that Kelly sports a bumble bee tattoo on her upper right shoulder in dedication to her late friend. Her reason, similar to Joan herself, os that the bumblebee is a miracle of science, and Joan was her miracle.

The Christina Chronicles

Rough childhoods are tough to overcome. Luckily for Christina Ricci, she managed to escape it at a fairly young age when she dove into the movie business. As a symbol of strength and escape, she adorns Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia series.

Geographical Genes

Angelina Jolie has always given us something to ‘oooo, ahhh’ over, whether it be her wild love affair with Brad Pitt or the many adopted children. But one thing she holds dear to her are her children. When she had the tattoo of her ex (Billy Bob Thornton) removed, she replaced it with the geographical coordinates of the birth place of each of her children.

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