tattoo artist's hand giving spider tattoo to client's leg

The day has finally come. You’ve booked your appointment for your custom tattoo in Thornton. You’re probably excited or nervous – or both! And rightfully so. Getting your first tattoo is a big deal. But what’s more important is how prepared you are beforehand. Here are some helpful tips and advice to get your through your first tattoo experience.


Mind Over Matter

You want to understand and know the facts of what tattooing is all about so you’re not facing something unexpected. A few days prior to your scheduled appointment, you need to mentally prepare. You may experience some pain and bleeding, which is perfectly normal. Research what is involved and what you’ll witness. What are the machines like? Talk to the artist that is doing your custom tattoo in Thornton. You will have an easier time, mentally, if you know what will be presented to you.

Keep Clean

You will need to completely shower and dress comfortably before your appointment, keeping the area clean of lotions or oils. Depending on where you’re getting your tattoo, you want to keep a fresh and clean area. Showering and cleaning the desired area will prevent any bacteria from entering, too.

Timing is Everything

Always be on time or early for your appointment. You never want to keep an artist waiting because they have other appointments after you. Arriving early will also give you the opportunity to watch someone else in the chair ahead of you and ask any questions that you may have forgotten about.

Eat -But Don’t Drink- and Be Merry

You don’t want to get a tattoo when you’re hungover. Nor do you want to have a few drinks before you come in either. It’s proven that alcohol thins your blood and has adverse effects on your mind and the healing time afterward. It’s best to save the celebratory ‘ink drink’ for when the bandage is removed and your friends can see it. It’s also equally as important to eat a full meal before your tattoo appointment.

Choosing Your Artist

Just because your best friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s dad brags about a place, it doesn’t mean it’s the place for you. Your first tattoo is in an important one. You need to find an artist that has a long standing reputation, especially in their community, and that will answer all and any questions without hesitation.

Preparation is key to a successful tattooing experience. Not only will your mind be put at ease, your relationship with your tattoo artist will last for years to come. Are you ready to let the tattoo shop in Thornton customize your fist tattoo? Stop by or call us today to have a look around!