So you want a tattoo but prefer something petite with just the right unique elements. Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and represent what you love, even the smallest ones. They can be as expressive as you like. Whatever the type, you’re able to design a tattoo that feels right to you, as small as you see fit. Here are a few designs that may inspire you to add a little detail to your skin without going too big.


Your Tattoo Defines You

Big or small, your tattoo needs to be a definition of you because it’s a part of you. Now that you know you’re considering something small, consider where you want it and the things that matter to you in order to determine the kind of tattoo you can see your future-self being happy with.


Whether you’re into numerology or have a favorite number sequence, you can find a meaningful way to display your favorite numbers in a small tattoo. Perhaps your wedding day, children’s birthday, or even the memory of special time in one’s life can be a perfect small tattoo.

Signs and Symbols

Zodiac, horoscopes, and other small but meaningful signs can be quaint and have significant meaning, especially when it’s involving another important individual. Signs and symbols can be religion or family related. For example, many Italian families wear the ‘corno’, bull horn, which is a traditional Italian good luck charm and very sentimental to that culture. Celtic symbols are among the most popular symbols, too, and have incredible personal meaning. There are many symbols that mean something special to each of us, and there are hundreds of signs and symbols to choose from.


Oftentimes we hold special places in our hearts and mind. Whether it’s a place that you grew up or someone special resides, you’re fond of these places. If you know the longitude/latitude points of a specific location, this can make the perfect quaint and unique talking piece. This gives you the chance to tell a story and show your love for a specific geographical area. And the best part? It can be a solid one color of delicate lines and numbers that look perfect on your wrist, back of the knee, or even the tops of your feet.

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