Your body has an amazing ability to start healing when it feels threatened by invaders (sickness of cuts). When you’re sick, you get a fever. The fever is your body fighting infection. But let’s not forget our part in helping our bodies heal. If you get cut or a scrape, you bandage it. Some sickness requires medications. The same consensus applies to the aftercare of getting a tattoo. Your body will think it’s a foreign object (because it is, afterall!), and begin the healing process. This process may involve light bleeding, scabbing and itching. It’s a perfectly normal process but must be handled with care to preserve the tattoo’s color.

Proper Care for Healthy, Vibrant Ink

You’ve spent a great deal of time choosing your tattoo and finally going through with your decision to get it done. It would be disappointing to mess up the look of your custom tattoo in Thornton. And within the first few weeks, your new tattoo is susceptible to infection. Follow these proper aftercare steps to ensure your custom tattoo maintains its original color.

Keep the Area Moistened

Itchy skin could simply mean the tattoo or skin around the tattoo is dry and needs moisture. Creams, lotions, and sometimes light oils may work to condition the skin and prevent drying and itching. For older tattoos, an oatmeal soak for the area is ideal as it will help condition the area without worry of fading, but never for newer tattoos. Because not all lotions and creams work the same for all, it’s best to ask your tattoo artist which creams are better for moistening your skin.


If you find that your new tattoo is causing itching that is not relieved by the above suggestions or suggestions from your local tattoo artist in Thornton, a preexisting skin condition (such as psoriasis or eczema) can be the main cause of the itching. This is common reaction and can be treated with topical medications prescribed by your doctor.

Cool it Off

A cool compress will help relieve the itching by bringing down the inflammation and reduce swelling around the area. Ask your tattoo artist before applying a cold compress, especially if you have a new tattoo.

Whether it’s your first of fifth tattoo, proper care is always necessary for a healthy healing process. More importantly, you’ll want a reputable tattoo shop in Thornton to offer sound advice and guidance on how to clean and maintain the look of your tattoo. Davians in Thornton takes your ideas and style, coupled with their expert artists, and offers ultimate care and long-lasting results for all your tattoos. Browse their gallery or give them a call to help your idea come to life.