Body Piercings in Denver, Colorado

Body piercings are rapidly increasing in popularity, as they offer multiple ways to express yourself and highlight certain areas of your body. If you are considering getting a new body piercing in Denver, read below to learn more about the most common types of piercings:

Tongue piercing

Tongue piercings are extremely popular in countries all over the world, and they are one of the simplest piercings to receive and care for afterward. Tongue piercings are also unique in that they are often hidden, and are only visible when you are talking or eating.

These piercings typically take about six to eight weeks to heal, and particular care must be paid to your oral hygiene habits during this time. Pain and swelling during the first week following the piercing are normal, and many people choose to utilize at-home salt rinses to minimize the discomfort. As your piercing heals, you must avoid hard and crunchy foods, hot drinks, spices, french kissing, oral sex, and switching out your piercing jewelry. Continue to brush and floss as normal, and visit the dentist regularly after the piercing has healed.

Lip piercing

As far as piercings go, lip piercings are fairly diverse because you can choose to pierce your lip in many different places. Lip piercings are available as single piercings, double (bite) piercings, or four piercings, and can be placed at many different locations near, on, or off to the side of the lips. Because there are so many different types of lip piercings, the healing time can vary from roughly anywhere from three weeks to three months. Common types of lip piercings include the Medusa and the Angel Bites.

Ear piercing

While ear piercings are considered to be the most traditional type of piercing, the versatility of piercing an ear goes far beyond the basic small hole on each ear lobe. For example, the Helix piercing is placed in the cartilage along the side of the upper ear, and many different types of earrings can be worn in the piercing. Industrial piercings are two separate piercings connected by a single piece of jewelry that goes across the width of the ear. Different still are the Flat, Rook and Tragus piercings. If you are looking to experiment with the look of multiple types of piercings, the ear is arguably the best place to start. It is important to do your research before getting any type of new ear piercing to better understand how the style will look and what types of jewelry can be worn with the piercing.

Eyebrow piercing

One of the more noticeable types of piercings is the eyebrow piercing, which instantly draws attention to the eyes and upper portion of the face. Eyebrow piercings are generally considered to be one of the less painful types of piercings, and they are typically fully healed within two months.

A unique feature of eyebrow piercings is that they are not permanent — because of the way the skin grows and replenishes itself, eyebrow piercings usually will last for a matter of months or sometimes several years before the body causes the piercing to “grow out.” This phenomenon makes eyebrow piercings ideal for people who want to experiment with the look of piercings but maybe are not ready to fully commit to a long-term change.

Body Piercings in Denver

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