best tattoo denver

You know a ‘bad’ tattoo when you see one, just as you know a ‘good’ one when you see it. But what actually makes a tattoo ‘good’? Believe it or not there are clear and definitive ways to determine if you have a good tattoo or not.

Line work

Line quality is a major part of a tattoo. Good line quality doesn’t fade or become blurred over time. However a tattoo with poor line quality is easily spotted. If the lines look uneven, choppy or unintentionally dotted then that is not good line quality. A well-tattooed line can move from one thickness to another seamlessly with no gaps in the color throughout the line.


The shading of a tattoo should be consistent and resemble a smooth gradient. If the color of shading does not flow from dark to light and looks rough then the tattoo has not been properly executed. It doesn’t matter if you are shading with color or on a grey scale, in order for a tattoo to be considered ‘good’ the shading must provide full coverage without any lines or gaps in the color.


Use of color in a tattoo is important. Whether you prefer tradition black and grey or prefer bright colors, the use of color can make or break the appearance of the tattoo. It’s important you trust and listen to your tattoo artist when giving recommendations for tattoo color, but you also need to decide for yourself if you want to keep your tattoo black and grey or if you want color. It is difficult to add color to a black and grey shaded tattoo after the fact so make up your mind and stick to it!


An unclean tattoo can never be considered a ‘good’ tattoo. Not only does a clean tattoo refer to the physical hygiene of the skin and ink, but also the appearance of the tattoo. Tattoos that appear crisp and defined with sharp line quality are good tattoos. If lines are muddled or you can’t make out what the tattoo is even supposed to be of, then you cannot consider your tattoo a clean one. Looking at tattoo artist’s past and present work will help you decide their skill level and find an artist who can give you the clean tattoo you want.


The composition of a tattoo speaks directly to the tattoo artist. If you want a tattoo with good composition then you need to find an artist you trust and whose vision you trust. Tattooing, after all, is an art form. But what is good composition? Well, does the tattoo look complete and well balanced? Is it clear? If so, then the tattoo has a good composition. If a tattoo does not have good composition then you will feel like something is just off or out of place while looking at it.

Placement and Size

Placement and size are just as important as any of the previously mentioned elements of a tattoo. If the tattoo is too big or too small, that can ruin the entire tattoo. The same rule can be applied to where the tattoo is placed on your body. A misplaced tattoo can change the meaning and appearance of a tattoo so make sure to choose wisely.

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