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Tribal tattoos have been around since the dawn of time, and they’re still incredibly popular. But what makes these tattoos so desirable? Perhaps what makes them most fascinating is just how much history they have. Tribal tattoos date back to around 5,000 years ago, as their origin stems from tribal artwork. The history of each tattoo is loved by many tattoo artists and people all around the world. This article will introduce five most popular tribal tattoos and their history. And who knows, you might even find inspiration for your next tattoo! 


Maori tribal tattoos

Maori tribal tattoos tribal have authentic tribal designs, making this tattoo the most closely associated to what people think of when they hear “tribal.” While modern tribal elements are in use a lot more these days, traditional tribal tattoos like Maori ones still exist. The origin of well-known examples of tribal tattoos came from members of Maori in New Zealand. The word “tattoo” is even said to be derived from Maori word for their body adornments. Traditional tribal tattoos usually include elements like short lines, circles, and patterns using lines and chevrons. When those elements were worn back in the days, patterns and placements on the body could symbolize the person’s social status and prestige within the tribe. Maori tribal tattoos’ fascinating and high display of craftsmanship still attracts many people, and they are often worn by artistic people, athletes, or gym enthusiasts. 


Iban’s floral tattoos

Iban people are a branch of the Dayak people of Borneo in SouthEast Asia. Iban people are said to be a tribal group that acts as a messenger between human beings and God. The Iban people believe spirits embody everything. Many people grew on this power on human beings, and it is said that they are virtually invisible to the gods without the tattoos. Iban tattoos are always inspired by spiritual energy from plants, animals, and humans. Their styles and floral motifs are very common among Iban people. The placement can be on the back of the shoulders, legs, and arms. Their delicate and spiritual look is loved by many people. Women often prefer this tribal tattoo.


Celtic cross

The history of Celtic cross originated in Ireland and Scotland as well as Wales, England, Europe and beyond. Celtic cross is recognized as a symbol of Celtic Christianity and believed to have originated in the 5th century. This symbol was very popular among Celtic communities across Scotland and Ireland. The knot work and spirals that have no beginning or ending, and circular lines that never cross one another represent the circle of life. Celtic cross tattoos are a great way to express one’s faith in Christianity. It is worn by many people who associate the Celtic cross with God, religion, and faith.


Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is an Egyptian symbol that represents health, knowledge, and power. The Eye of Horus was named after the sun God Horus in Egyptian mythology, and each part of the eye is a symbol with different meanings. Different meanings of each part include smell, sight, thought, hearing, taste, and touch. The Eye of Horus has many interpretations and some of the interpretations. Some people believe that it brings vision, equilibrium, and fairness. Many people have their own interpretations of the tattoo, and they get the tattoo based on the meanings they believe in.


Modern tribal tattoos

The modern tribal tattoos are purely creative and aesthetic. After losing its original symbolism, the art of modern tribal tattoos incorporates modern images and designs including dragons, tigers, butterflies, and patterns with thick lines and thick spirals. The wearing of those tattoos by people who are not culturally or historically tied to them is increasingly growing. Many people now get patterns and designs that speak of their own meanings, and modern tribal tattoos are one of the most popular types these days.


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