picking your next tattoo

Whether it’s your first tattoo or your thirtieth, your next piece of ink should reflect who you are. Tattoos are a huge commitment! Even if you think they are no big deal and already have a full sleeve, it’s still permanent art you’re about to ink on your body. So you want to think through it before committing to a design, right? 

There are a few things to factor in when it comes to planning your next tattoo. Where do you want it placed? How large do you want it? Color or black ink? What design do you want? Who will your artist be? Even if you are planning a simple design like a heart tattoo, a name tattoo, or a traditional skull tattoo, make sure you are putting the right amount of thought into the planning process. 

Things to Consider When Planning Your Next Tattoo 


Choosing the right design for your next tattoo is one of the most important steps. There are a lot of places to find design inspiration, one of the best places being artist portfolios. Check out any of the amazing artists at Davian’s in Thornton for design inspiration. One more thing to consider when coming up with your design is if you want color ink or just black and grey. If you already have an idea of what you want, whether it be an angel tattoo or some form of calligraphy, bringing your design idea to an artist and letting them bring it to life is your next step. 


Finding the right artist for your artwork is another very important step. Choosing an artist who specializes in your style of tattoo might be the best way to go. Many artists have specific styles they tattoo in, such as tribal, new school, American traditional, realism, or watercolor. Finding an artist who can take your initial design inspiration and customize it to your every desire will leave you with a life-long love for your unique ink. 

Size & Placement 

After you find an artist and a design you love, work with your artist to determine the best placement and size for your new art. The intricacies of your design will impact the placement and size of your tattoo. If very detailed line work or shading needs done, a slightly larger size on a “larger” blank canvas area may be better. If you are looking for something subtle and small, the placement and size needs to be strategic. Work with your artist to find the best size and place for design, always factoring in the time and pain level of where your art will be. 

The kind of tattoo you get conveys the type of person you are. Make sure it is an accurate reflection so that you will be happy with it for the rest of your life. The permanence of tattoos is a big factor in choosing what to get and where to go for it. Be sure to research shops and artists to ensure you are in good hands. 

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