Skulls are one of the most common features of tattoos and are favorite almost anywhere on the body. Although you might automatically think skulls must represent something dark or even death, they can also represent eternal life, rebirth, survival, the afterlife, power, luck and even overcoming problems or obstacles in life. Here are a few fresh ideas for your next skull tattoo in Thornton

1. The Burning Skull 

A burning or flaming skull is a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts. This tattoo features a skull surrounded by flames in some way. This style is said to represent danger, and overcoming a dangerous situation, or can be used to represent a person’s strong will. 

2. The Tribal Skull

The tribal skull is one of the oldest used skull tattoo designs and tribal-themed tattoos have a long history of symbolism. They typically communicate fearlessness, the warrior spirit, persistence, strength and power. These skull designs can vary greatly from artist to artist, and a talented and experienced tattoo artist can design the perfect tribal skull tattoo for you in Thornton. 

3. The Pirate Skull

The pirate skull is an old favorite in the world of tattoos. This variation can either be represented by the traditional skull and crossbones or integrate the face of a pirate, with an eye patch and all. This type of design typically evokes the symbolism of rebellion and power.  

4. The Sugar or Flower Skull

More feminine skull tattoo designs are beginning to gain traction in the world of tattoos. The sugar skull is a specific design aesthetic that draws inspiration from the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations held each November. The flowered skull is another softer skull tattoo design that typically features delicate flowers interwoven through the mouth and eye sockets. 

5. The Girly Skull

The girly is another feminine skull design but is altogether different than the sugar skull. These designs typically include bold, bright colors, hearts, flowers, butterflies and bows. The skull can be featured as the center of a flower bloom, or be incorporated in a larger more elaborate design. 

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