Most people looking to get a tattoo- whether it’s their first tattoo or their twentieth -don’t want to just flip through the idea books in the front of the tattoo shop near them in Thornton to figure out what they want. People love meaningful tattoos that are unique and want something that reflects who they are, where they’ve been, or what they’ve been through. Here are five ways that you can achieve exactly that with your next tattoo. 

1. Think about it long and hard 

It goes without saying that tattoos are a forever commitment. You need to consider placement and subject carefully before ever sitting down in a tattoo chair. Look at tons of tattoos, go through the books in the tattoo shop near you in Thornton, collect images of tattoos you really love, figure out which tattoo style really appeals to you, and think about images and symbolism that will mean something to you.   

2. Consider placement carefully

Placement is a really important part of the tattoo process and something you should consider carefully, not choose on a whim. Do you want others to be able to see your tattoo when you’re fully clothed and do you want to be able to see your tattoo? Some of the best places for tattoos that hold up over time are the calf and thigh, the outside of the arm, and the forearm, just to name a few possible spots.  

3. Get inspiration somewhere else

When deciding on your next tattoo, you aren’t limited to looking through tattoo magazines to figure out what you want. Look through art books, go to a museum, head to your nearest city and admire the murals or graffiti, look online, and look at photographs of places or things you love. Any of these things that you find and fall in love with can be incorporated into your next tattoo design.   

4. Pick a great artist

Not all tattoo artists are created equal and some tattoo artists out there are true craftsmen. Find a tattoo artist who you not only enjoy being around (because you will sit with them for hours), but also whose work you like. Many tattoo artists these days keep a portfolio on hand and have social media accounts through which they can share their work with the world. 

5. Always consider your body

Once you’ve decided where on your body your next tattoo will go, you’ll need to have a conversation with the artist you’ve chosen to do the work about how to best make the piece flow on your body. A skilled and experienced tattoo artist will be able to look at the part of your body on which they will be working, and make suggestions for the exact placement to best compliment your shape. They will also be able to manage your expectations and explain what’s possible and what kind of tattoo design will stand up the best over time.